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Walter Schmidt training

I am: Seller & Leader, like all of us.

My knowledge: communicative awareness.

My ability: Completion of education


What I know, I give away.

I sell what I can:

“To recognize yourself is not fun at first. My contribution to you is through training. “

Walter Schmidt

Dream company?

The way to the best employees

Ready for more?

For sellers. Teams & personalities

Normal or ideal?

The tongue sows. Is the harvest optimal?

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Walter Schmidt

From the cook to the now.









My experiences:


Observation, discussion, exercise, training.

Employee survey

The coveted dream company award

Ready for more

When the consciousness knows and the mind says “yes”. Then!

Sales training

Normal or ideal?

Burnout / Depression Prevention

Illness, tablets, escape from work? If you find out the real reasons, you will know the way out.

My approach and philosophy

In the end, everything is very simple:

What comes in comes out again.

In the same amount?

No : disproportionately more!

If the long-term outcome is important to us, we should be aware of the seeds and the soil.

The question arises, how fit are we for it?

How do we deal with situations, how adaptable are we within the scope of our authenticity?